BubbleBox toy truck
A toy truck model from the original BubbleBox summer school project. (2017)


Founded in 2017, BubbleBox is an organization devoted to providing basic hygiene services to migrants, refugees, and the homeless community in Paris. BubbleBox began as a collaboration between students from Harvard University and Sciences Po (Paris); now, the BubbleBox network has expanded to public health and sanitation officials, local governments, global universities, and international NGOs.


The Problem

Driven away from their homes by war, oppression, persecution, and climate change, hundreds of migrants and refugees arrive to Paris every month. The less fortunate have to live in the streets for several weeks. Unfortunately, migrants in these illegal settlements have no access to proper hygiene. This emergency poses a serious threat to the migrants’ well being and to public health. We believe that every human being has the right to have access to basic hygiene standards, including showering and washing their clothes.


Our Solution

BubbleBox is a mobile and autonomous hygiene module accessible to migrants, refugees, and homeless people for free. BubbleBox can rotate through several locations or provide its services in the same location to satisfy longer-term needs. Its compact, efficient, and resilient structure allows it to function with or without being connected to the public water or electricity delivery grids.

BubbleBox provides emergency hygiene services to vulnerable human beings while helping to restore their dignity.

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